Enhanced Ageing Inspirations
A Method for Social Action with our Oldest Generation
Posted by Stephanie Butchart
Jan 1 2018

The Ellis Method - Enhancing the Ageing Experience

An introduction to TEM

The Ellis Method is the voice for our oldest generation. It is the cultural change in society that includes older adults as valued participants in the community. It is the change in perspective needed to develop meaning and purpose in our last stage of development. It is a call for action, a change in trajectory, the dramatic turn needed in how we approach, assess, intervene and monitor the elders of society.

The Ellis Method is rooted in everyday life experiences allowing for divergent adaptability across the care continuum with individuals and their families, organizations and institutions, communities and their investors.

Beginning at a local level, TEM has developed its methodology with elder-led family planning, support and communication services using the roles of navigator, facilitator and coach for life satisfaction.

We don’t lead this generation; we offer our arm and follow alongside them.

  • TEM builds possibilities for peace and movement for an authentic sense of vitality.
  • TEM encourages expression and provides opportunities to participate in the process.
  • TEM provides pathways for growth at every age, in all places and with all abilities.
  • TEM empowers an open family concept of close and supportive relationships.

Together we become TEM Teams.

These teams enact the very social action required to put these valued community members on the map, in our hearts and within our everyday lives.

TEM is for society at large; it is for today’s oldest generation and those who are fortunate enough to follow. A cultural shift in perspective requires the support of every level in society but cannot and will not quietly wait for it, in fact is has already begun.

The Ellis Method thrives from a compassionate approach, projecting value towards individuals in later life experiencing uncertainty, discrimination, isolation and suffering. Shifting the perspective of older generations from ‘less-able’ to ‘wise-able’, TEM embodies the knowledge that older adults are the experts of their own life.

The Ellis Method is on the lookout for fellow ambassadors of change. Achieve an enhanced ageing experience. Join the cause, invest in your future.

Stephanie Butchart
- Friend, family, founder

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The Ellis Method provides innovative opportunities to approach, assess, intervene and monitor older adults and adults experiencing difficult challenges.