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Breaking down Barriers with Waves of Wisdom
Posted by Stephanie Butchart
Jan 27 2018

Breaking down Barriers with Waves of Wisdom

There’s a new strength in town. We have the numbers. We have the knowledge. We have the wisdom; our ability to think and act from life experience. Together let’s shift the perception of old age from less-able to wise-able. Experience life as you should; your way, your style. You’re right to say:

“It’s My Life, My Choice and I have Something to Share”

Together let’s knock down the barriers that tell us we should live and age otherwise.

The Ellis Method (TEM) is an active platform for elder-led expression to create authentic social action for deep-rooted change. Our method for social action is lifeworld-led, offering innovative opportunities to enhance the ageing experience, a life with vitality we all deserve. We believe deep-rooted change is best empowered at every level. We empower quality of life at any age, in every place and with all levels of ability. Our first wave of change is on the rise; Value in Vitality.

Beginning at a local level, TEM is offering free-of-charge Expression Sessions with individuals and their loved ones. If you have something to share we have time to listen. Please know that no situation is too big or too small. If you are not living the life you wish to live, we have the opportunities that can take you there. We can empathize with life’s challenges and always acknowledge and appreciate each step taken towards change. We are available to take the time you need to feel reassured, understood and optimistic. From there we move forward, together. TEM provides possibilities to turn inequality into quality of life, indignity into vitality, indifference into team support. Together let’s develop, design and sustain your new way forward. You have a friend in TEM.

Stay in tune, stay in touch. Together we can ride this wave to Valued Vitality in Canadian Care.

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Upcoming events

This spring we are offering Enhanced Ageing Circles, an all-inclusive workshop series to discuss, discover and determine our vitality in life. This Wave of Wisdom is rooted in the life and death of Mrs. Margaret Ellis. #ValueVitality

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Stephanie Butchart
- Friend, family, founder

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