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Activity - Find Your Super Self
Posted by Stephanie Butchart
Jan 7 2018

Download, print and fill out the PDF below to 'Find Your Super Self'

A full spectrum is always my style so naturally my experience hasn’t only been with our oldest generation but also our youngest. When working with kids, the idea of ‘oneself’ is developed in different ways throughout childhood. The kids I’ve worked with could open up their individuality by projecting who they want to be on others. One way to encourage them to express who they are and who they want to be was by creating an alter ego, their inner superhero. I had to wonder though, isn’t who we are and who we want to be ever-developing, growing and changing? I’m more than who I was five years ago, ten years ago…I have a feeling we can say this about ourselves at any age.

Although this activity was originally created for children at a local community center, I morphed it into an activity for adults at a center for senior citizens. Say what you will about fun and games…when a moment arises and you know your super-self well; your future challenges will become your future victories.

Check out the activity plan for adults, set aside some time to let go of your day, and discover the individuality of your super-you! This activity can offer deep reflection when done alone, can strengthen a friendship when done in a pair, or this activity can be a lot of laughs when done in a group! If you would like this activity adapted to suit your abilities please don’t hesitate to email

Find Your Super Self Activity PDF

Stephanie Butchart
- Friend, family, founder

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