Enhanced Ageing Inspirations
The Ellis Method Five - Week Four
Posted by Stephanie Butchart
Jan 20 2018

TEM is open for support, to both give and receive.

Here are 5 ways to offer your support for The Ellis Method and our oldest generation

  • The Ellis Method is officially on Google Maps and ready for your reviews! You can search The Ellis Method on Google Maps or click here Please scroll down on the left side, click on ‘Write a Review’ and let others know how you feel about Stephanie and The Ellis Method.
  • You or those you know are welcome to participate in our upcoming Awareness Campaign by sending your thoughts on private care setting to who will ensure your perspective remain anonymous.
  • Request information on Enhanced Ageing Workshops to pass forward to your local community organization. Learn more with
  • Thank you for being a part of the TEMTNT Newsletter. Please know I appreciate every read, every click and every action. You can write to me at anytime with feedback, questions or concerns at
  • Share our Angel Plan with friends, family, co-workers and/or anyone you may know who would be interested in making a donation to a Canadian elder currently awaiting support to participate in their community with equality and inclusion. Visit to donate and share.

As always, please check your free weekly TEMTNT Newsletter to keep in touch, stay in the loop and participate in Enhanced Ageing Inspiration offered each week.

Thank you so much. Every moment we consider a proactive approach towards our ageing experience is a successful TEM moment, even the silent ones. That being said, I suggest saying it and saying it loud.

Stephanie Butchart, SCC
- Friend, family, founder

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