Enhanced Ageing Inspirations
The Ellis Method Five - Week Three
Posted by Stephanie Butchart
Jan 13 2018

TEM is open for support, to both give and receive.

Here are 5 ways to offer your support for The Ellis Method and our oldest generation

  • Visit and share our TEM Angel Plan to spread the word and bridge opportunities for older adults in need. Go to to get started.
  • Request a ‘Meet and Greet’ with Stephanie and yourself, your members or your place of work to learn more about becoming a TEM Friend, TEM Angel or TEM Participant in our wide-ranging services. Contact to schedule a ‘Meet and Greet’.
  • Rate TEM on Facebook to offer your perspective on Stephanie and her method to approach, assess, intervene and monitor with our oldest generation. Visit to offer ‘Something to Share’.
  • Have a concern about your local community or where you live? If you are willing to share, we are willing to listen. to feel heard and discover new possibilities.
  • Spread the message of The Ellis Method to Move this Movement forward. Please forward your TEMTNT Newsletter or sections of interest to friends, family, co-workers, community members and anyone who may benefit from TEMTNT.

As always, check your free weekly TEMTNT Newsletter to keep in touch, stay in the loop and participate in Enhanced Ageing Inspirations, offered each week.

Thank you for reading this all the way through. Every moment we consider a proactive approach towards our ageing experience is a successful TEM moment, even the silent ones. That being said, I suggest saying it and saying it loud.

Stephanie Butchart
- Friend, family, founder

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