Enhanced Ageing Inspirations
The Ellis Method Five - Week One
Posted by Stephanie Butchart
Jan 1 2018

TEM is officially open for support, to both give and receive.

Here are 5 ways to offer your support for The Ellis Method and our oldest generation

  • Become a TEM Angel by providing financial support to older adults and adults experiencing difficult challenges while living with low income. Every donation, whether small or large, creates a wave of action with our oldest generation. Take part at
  • Refer a friend for a free phone conversation. For more information or to get started write to with a brief description of the situation and the best time and method to contact you.
  • View the official TEM Release Statement to share with your local newspaper outlets, on social media and to spread the word with friends. View this blog post to read now or start sharing.
  • Connect with The Ellis Method on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin
  • Spread the word and forward your free and weekly TEMTNT Newsletter. Pay it forward to friends, family, co-workers, and organizations, or to anyone who could benefit from some TEMTNT.

As always, check your TEMTNT Newsletter every Sunday morning to keep in touch, stay in the loop and discover Enhanced Ageing Inspirations, offered each week. Sign up by writing to

Thank you for at the very least, reading this all the way through. Every moment we consider a proactive approach towards our ageing experience is a successful TEM moment, even the silent ones. That being said, I suggest saying it and saying it loud.

Stephanie Butchart
- Friend, family, founder

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The Ellis Method provides innovative opportunities to approach, assess, intervene and monitor older adults and adults experiencing difficult challenges.