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The Ellis Method Action Planning Service - Design Phase
Posted by Stephanie Butchart
Jan 13 2018

TEM Action Planning Service is a three phase process.

It’s time to design your way forward

At TEM we understand with ageing often brings many complex difficulties and expectations both for the individual themselves and those who care for them. This is why TEM offers tangible action plans with achievable life goals, hands on support, coaching and customized resources. Let us go through the maze of systems, services and symptoms and instead offer you detailed possibilities to choose from. Our action plan blueprints are designed with you in mind and are created from the conversations in the Development phase to ensure they are personally matched to meet you and your TEM Team’s abilities, availabilities and preferences.

Simply put: The Design phase offers a plan of action that matches our previous conversations about life satisfaction with goals, information and services. Plans being as options and are designed together before the whole team finds one that works best for everyone involved. Contact TEM for a free example today.

This meet up is offered in the day or evening, during the week and on weekends for the highest possible participation. Our team planning conference is most often in the home of the individual of focus or at a local meeting place to ensure the highest chance of private participation. Together as a TEM Team we use our design to sustain possibilities and opportunities of your unique path forward.

Design Phase progression - Week Four

Our Team Planning Conference designs the best way forward for all involved. Together we decide which possibilities will become opportunities going forward. An Action Plan blueprint and catalogue of personalized options allows you and your teammates to choose and tailor the Action Plan that is most desired, tangible and full of potential.

Conversations are led by the impressions and recommendations provided by your TEM facilitator through the Action Plan blueprint. Our collaborative TEM Development provides the motivating questions and elements to consider when designing the way forward that best matches your unique TEM Team.

The Design Phase also integrates a personal S2S Communication Platform to proactively monitor the individual of focus’ wellbeing and progression through the next four weeks. TEM will take you step-by-step in how our Vitality Meter sustains both our Development and Design to ensure the achievement of an enhanced ageing experience for all involved.

TEM Action Plans offer supportive direction for each top barrier limiting you and your team’s quality of life. TEM uses a ripple-effect approach to Design in order to focus on top priorities for the individual which may have a positive impact on relating limitations.

Each priority on the Action Plans includes the associated:

  • Developed strategy, outlook and direction
  • Detailed limiting and motivating influences
  • Associated TEM Support Opportunity
  • Assigned Team Support Member
  • Community Support Resource

From here TEM provides Coaching Letters to outline the steps forward and together we enter the final phase to activate a sustainable quality of life.

If you're open to sharing your situation
, TEM offers the opportunity to talk about it.

 Whether for you, someone you know or for more information please write to anytime.

Next week’s TEMTNT Newsletter will bring you phase three of the Action Planning Service: SUSTAIN. I’ll show you how TEM designs turn desires into realities!

Interested in TEM Design? We are open to support individuals, families, organizations, institutions and communities in discovering how TEM Design can uniquely match planning styles for all ages, with all abilities and in all places.

Stephanie Butchart
- Friend, family, founder

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