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The Ellis Method Action Planning Service - Sustain Phase
Posted by Stephanie Butchart
Jan 20 2018

TEM Action Planning Service is a three phase process.

It’s time to sustain your future vitality.

At TEM we understand that for plans to become active they need to be supported to become long lasting. This is why TEM expands on each action plan with sustainability to ensure a rhythmic transition towards change. By facilitating the action plan with you we enable each goal, monitor the global progress, empower each other’s abilities, and adjust to any changes needed. Our action plans are strengthened through customized and hands on sessions to activate progression towards life satisfaction now and in the future.

Simply put: TEM Sustain phase ensures that the plan we developed and designed together will successfully meet your desired outcomes and become your reality. Together using custom developed progress sessions we make sure you are living a life with satisfaction, now and always.

These progress sessions are offered in the day or evening, during the week and on weekends for the highest possible participation and are offered community-wide. Although the possibilities are endless, each progress session implements a Continuing Care Opportunity to best match your Team learning and achieving style.

Sustain Phase progression - Week Five, Six, and Seven

Our three progress sessions are customized to match the pathways determined in the Action Plan. Together we take on the changes needed to attain your desired quality of living. Your TEM Facilitator is adaptable to move with any unexpected turn.

Examples of a progress sessions for sustainability include; accompaniments, motivational coaching, therapeutic activities, daily living adaptations, and participation in service or professional appointments. Together as a TEM Team we use sustainable actions to reach your loved one’s desired quality of life.

Sustain Phase progression - Week Eight

In our final week TEM Teams come back together to review our progress made, our achievements realized and our paths not taken. This Team meeting will be at the location of the individual of focus, our original Team location or a private meeting space in your neighbourhood. Through a personalized vitality meter, teams can visualize the progress made throughout the eight weeks to best determine which path we take forward; as always with flexible and wide-ranging support options.

Conversations at our Team Review Meeting may include but aren’t limited to; experiences, concerns, possibilities, changes and potential paths forward.

From here we find movement in our life’s continuous journey.

If you're open to sharing your situation, 
TEM offers the opportunity to talk about it.

Whether for yourself, someone you know or for more information please write to anytime.

Next week’s TEMTNT Newsletter will bring you an introduction to the Continuum of Care Opportunities. I’ll show you how a TEM Connection is life-long support.

Interested in TEM Sustainability? We are open to support individuals, families, organizations, institutions and communities in discovering how TEM Sustain can uniquely match monitoring practices for all ages, with all abilities and in all places.

Stephanie Butchart, SCC
- Friend, family, founder

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