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The Ellis Method presents - Enhanced Ageing Circles
Posted by Stephanie Butchart
Feb 24 2018

Enhanced Ageing Circles

Our inclusive workshop series brings participants on a journey through their five Lifeworlds towards personal and collective vitality with facilitated conversation, interactive activities and live examples.

The goal of providing Enhanced Ageing Circles (EAC) is to bring awareness to the value of a Lifeworld-led approach in developing our inner strength. EAC aims to encourage self-expression, integrate social connections and engage opportunities to influence a sustainable sense of vitality. We strive for each participant to feel empowered and valued in their abilities to achieve vitality. Together we explore and engage personalized tools to discover our unique path to everyday life satisfaction.

Throughout the series, participants will benefit from progressive milestones to be able to:

  • Share knowledge and insight from our experiences in life.
  • Discover possibilities for peace and movement unique to each situation.
  • Build interconnected self-efficacy skills for a confident projection of personal choice.
  • Recognize and project a desired sense of vitality within our connected worlds.

Our workshops are designed for multi-generational, multi-cultural and multi-ability audiences. In every condition we can find a way to enhance our ageing experience and discover our sense of vitality. We offer full adaptability to language, culture, spirituality, identity, and individuality.

TEM creates an inclusive platform for self-expression. Through guided conversation, the possibilities of peace and movement emerge to enhance a valued ageing experience. Live engagement of real- life experiences offers the most genuine understanding of the motivational and limiting influences on everyday wellbeing. Collective participation creates a dynamic energy in our communities when together we explore and engage in the adventure of life.

Enhanced Ageing Circles are inspired by Margaret Ellis and her Battle of Ability. Through our campaign to bring Valued Vitality in Canadian Care, we project the belief that you are the expert of your own life and you have the right to say, ‘it’s my life, my choice and I have something to share’.

Facilitating Enhanced Ageing Circles

Stephanie Butchart is a Montreal-based Community Caseworker and Educator specializing in later life transitions and their psychosocial effects on older adults experiencing vulnerability, isolation and complex challenges. With over seven years of practical and observational experience working with individuals living in the community, long-term care, assisted living residences, and at community centers, The Ellis Method was developed. Stephanie has wide-ranging abilities to directly meet the needs of older adults now and in the future who may be facing experiences that limit possibilities for quality of life. Stephanie is attuned towards compassion, curiosity, and creativity.

Details of Enhanced Ageing Circles

Group size is flexible up to 30 participants and we carefully consider our audience.

Participant consistency is preferred to develop personal progression but is not mandatory. Locations are accessible-preferred for total inclusion and are available throughout communities. Time, date and length of our workshops and individual sessions are open, flexible and adaptable.

Example Outline of Enhanced Ageing Circles

  1. A 15 minute welcome and warm-up activates our minds, bodies and spirits for what’s to come.
  2. A 45 minute reflective discussion and live demonstration introduces a specific Lifeworld.
  3. A 15 minute pause for ‘Tea and Talk’ offers the chance to stretch, chat, reflect and refresh.
  4. A 45 minute discovery of the possibilities of peace and movement through active expression.
  5. A 15 minute cool down and catch-you-later centers ourselves in the present moment.

Themes in Enhanced Ageing Circles

  1. Vitality – our inner well-being through stillness and movement, peace and possibilities.
  2. Spatiality – our personal environment and our experiences living within this world.
  3. Embodiment – our perception of life through our body and its influence on our experiences.
  4. Temporality – our sense of past accomplishments, present possibilities and future aspirations.
  5. Intersubjectivity – our connections within and with those who share our world.
  6. Mood – our capacity for realized potential and meaning in life.

Enhanced Ageing Circles with you and TEM

Why host Lifeworld-led workshops?

We actively include your mission and vision into our workshops. Whether for a group of employees, students or community members, we all have a connection in Lifeworld. Our unique view of this world comes through our own experiences. When we explore our worlds together we build connections. Sharing wisdom through self-expression creates purpose, meaning and a sense of vitality in everyday life experiences. Enhanced Ageing Circles influence safe and supportive social inclusion, a connected multi-generational experience and creatively sparks a positive societal change through interactive awareness of a Lifeworld-led approach in Canada.

The Ellis Method shares a global focus of everyday life experiences. Stephanie is a young social entrepreneur striving to create deep-rooted change in the way we approach, assess, intervene and monitor older adults through valued vitality. TEM offers full flexibility, adaptability and engagement.

What do participants receive through Enhanced Ageing Circles?

During the complete six week series, participants in Enhanced Ageing Circles will have the opportunity to receive a booklet to include customized possibilities for maintaining a sense of vitality and a personalized chart which demonstrates their development of vitality throughout the workshops.

What does hosting Enhanced Ageing Circles entail?

Enhanced Ageing Circles require enough space to hold a circle of chairs. The Ellis Method appreciates support in attracting potential participants through pre-developed promotional materials. Pricing our Enhanced Ageing Circles is determined by location and the host’s socioeconomic status.

What will The Ellis Method provide?

The Ellis Method provides all supporting materials during the workshop series including informative hand outs and take-home activities. We also provide the refreshments, snacks, writing tools and electronic accessories. We are available to initiate set-up and takedown independently.

Are their possibilities following Enhanced Ageing Circles?

The Ellis Method has a variety of multi-level support options to engage in on-going possibilities of peace and movement for the hosts, the participants and opportunities for future collaboration.

Please contact to learn more. Download and share the PDF below pass this workshop on to your friends, family and loved ones.

The Ellis Method presents - Enhanced Ageing Circles PDF

Stephanie Butchart
- Friend, family, founder

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